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Proper Fish and Chip Shop-Style Pea Fritters4
Proper fish and chip shop-style pea fritters
Pea fritters are so British, aren't they? Mushy peas packed into a ball and then deep fried in batter. I used to love th
What’s Cooking – Chocolate Cornflakes Bites13
What’s cooking – chocolate cornflakes bites
My last night creation – Chocolate Cornflakes Bites Last night I had, and could not shift, a huge craving for something
Thai Green Curry with Prawn, Squid, and Butternut Squash7
Thai green curry with prawn, squid, and butternut squash
A visit to Thailand is very much on my Bucket List – and without wanting to sound too greedy, the food is one of the pri
Carrot cake
 My favourite cake in the world is carrot cake! I think it's because it's different and the cream cheese icing is just d
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Chocolate Honeycomb Crunchie Traybake10
Chocolate honeycomb crunchie traybake
Readers, since I started taking this blogging malarkey a bit more seriously and looking at my stats, I’ve realised that
Rock Cakes21
Rock cakes
  Yummy, Easy To Make Rock Cakes Rock Cakes – Simple Baking Baking cakes can be intricate and time consuming, or simple
Chocolate Pecan Pie5
Chocolate pecan pie
"Oh all right then Mr Chocolate Pecan Pie, as you offered so politely, I will have another slice" ...I wouldn't want to
Children's Butter Biscuits2
Children's butter biscuits
This is the perfect recipe for making biscuit shapes. They are so simple yet deliciously buttery and vanillary and are j
Mary Berry's Quick Boiled Fruit Cake304
Mary berry's quick boiled fruit cake
Mum and I are venturing north tomorrow to pick up eight years’ worth of junk from my sister’s house in York. She’s decid
Oat And Date Slices12
Oat and date slices
  Date Slices Cakes And Date Slices At Craft Fair Each month there is a Cake and Craft Fair at the Hub On The Green in E
Slow Cooker Banoffee Cake2
Slow cooker banoffee cake
It's official, I am a little bit addicted to slow cooking. As this blog clearly shows, I have a bit of a 'thing' for coo
Mocha Almond Butter1
Mocha almond butter
Oh my, you are in for a treat... I mean, everyone loves peanut butter, right? Well, imagine the best peanut butter you'
Sweet Macaroni and Me...1
Sweet macaroni and me...
Hello world! Welcome to my little blog. My very own little bit of the internet and it's only going to contain the thing
Lime & Coconut Bundt1
Lime & coconut bundt
In my house, Sundays are usually a day for 'taking it easy'. It's a day for long walks with the dog, catching up on tv w
Salted Caramel and Pretzel Ice Cream1
Salted caramel and pretzel ice cream
My name is Kevin and I am addicted to salted caramel. Phew, I'm glad I got that out of the way... Now that I have, I ca
Tomato, Red Onion and Blue Cheese Focaccia1
Tomato, red onion and blue cheese focaccia
Like almost everyone in the country who loves to bake, I've been a little bit obsessed with the Great British Bake Off a
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