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Homemade crumpets5
Homemade crumpets
I've made my first batch of crumpets ever and I was most pleased with the results. I'm finding it hard to describe the C
Mary Berry's Bakewell Tart - Great Comic Relief Bake Off Challenge No. 2166
Mary berry's bakewell tart - great comic relief bake off challenge no. 2
Earlier this week I blogged my intention to work through the technical challenges from the Great Comic Relief Bake Off,
Chocolate Eclairs : GBBO Technical Challenge28
Chocolate eclairs : gbbo technical challenge
Last week after watching the Great Comic Relief Bake Off, I set myself the challenge of attempting the four technical ch
Slimming World Stuffed Lemony Chicken with Quark15
Slimming world stuffed lemony chicken with quark
 Chicken stuffed with cheese has always been popular in my house so I was intrigued by this low-fat version that I found
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Chocolate Fondant, scoff it if you can!1
Chocolate fondant, scoff it if you can!
“You never do desserts.” came the criticism. This was not friendly, constructive comment. It was said through sneering l
Swiss roll ice cream cake7
Swiss roll ice cream cake
This is going to sound nutty but I’ve started watching cookery shows at six in the morning. I’m on a desperate get-healt
Recipe: Slimming World 1/2 Syn Brownies22
Recipe: slimming world 1/2 syn brownies
I have been doing a lot of research online into making 1/2 syn chocolate brownies. I couldn't really believe it at firs
Mary Berry's Quick Boiled Fruit Cake291
Mary berry's quick boiled fruit cake
Mum and I are venturing north tomorrow to pick up eight years’ worth of junk from my sister’s house in York. She’s decid
5:2 Diet – Fast Days & Feast Days, Monday Meal Plan and a LOW CALORIE Salad Niçoise Recipe225
5:2 diet – fast days & feast days, monday meal plan and a low calorie salad niçoise recipe
5:2 Diet – Fast Days & Feast Days, Monday Meal Plan and a LOW CALORIE Salad Niçoise Recipe 5:2 Diet – Fast Days & Feast
Jam and Coconut Cake17
Jam and coconut cake
Last week I decided to pop along to the Headingley CCC event “Just Like Grandma Used to Make.” I hadn’t been to an event
Love heart double chocolate cupcakes4
Love heart double chocolate cupcakes
There’s been a bit of a baking frenzy in our house recently. There was a PTA cake sale at my daughters’ school last week
* Lamb Stew with Rosemary Dumplings9
* lamb stew with rosemary dumplings
It's taken me about a year to get round to cooking this Lamb Stew with Rosemary Dumplings recipe for Neil. He spotted so
Gordon Ramsay's hot chocolate soufflé / Čokoladni sufle7
Gordon ramsay's hot chocolate soufflé / čokoladni sufle
The day when everything screams hearts, roses, sarcastic comments made by single people, strawberries, red and pink, men
Slimming World cauliflower cheese soup10
Slimming world cauliflower cheese soup
I was snowed in and working from home last week, and wanted something warming - but low fat - for lunch. It seemed just
Chocolate Chip Tray bake5
Chocolate chip tray bake
I'm feeding the missionaries again tonight and you know how much I love to spoilt them! They're great lads who work rea
Sweet Trees20
Sweet trees
Edible chocolate covered sweet trees. Non edible item required: 7 cm polystyrene ball Small flower pot or tea ligh
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