10 tips for the perfect turkey my stuffing recipe recipes

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Coq au Macon Rouge, Chicken & Other Birds

Chicken and Other Birds offers a visual tour of the birds, showing their relative sizes and discussing the differences between them, plus a buying guide – what to look for and how much to allow per person – followed by tips on storing and handling uncooked poultry, and step-by-step photos and instructions for preparing a bird before cooking (trussing, French trimming, stuffing and jointing), and for carving or jointing a whole cooked bird
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Perfect models for the festive feast

Stuffing cooked out of the turkey can be done in the roasting or, if you have one, the baking oven. Every one of the new-generation models is brilliant for cooking the turkey as each uses the famous AGA radiant heat method, ensuring all the flavour, moisture and goodness are retained
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