5 2 diet fasting day breakfast recipes

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5:2 Diet – Fast Days & Feast Days, Weekly Meal Plan and a LOW CALORIE Breakfast Omelette Recipe

Dietary. My Monday Meal Plan this week has slid to a Tuesday – as you know if you have been reading and following my blog over the last few days, I have been SO busy with a houseful of guests, cleaning, cooking, gardening, packing (I am off on my travels tomorrow) and that left me only a few hours, or should I say and hour, in evening to write my blog, do round-ups (the Herbs on Saturday round-up is following on later today) and all the other stuff I love doing here
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A 5:2 Fast Day Diet Winter Meal Plan with Low Calorie Highland Stew Recipe

Breakfast. Dietary. well, what with doing my Wartime Kitchen and preparing for Christmas, I have not had time to post any meal plans, or indeed any of my new recipes, but, I am rectifying that today with a NEW recipe that’s just right for all the snow and frost we have been having over the last few days – a Scottish inspired Highland Stew
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5:2 Diet, Fast Days & Feast Days and Roast Tomato & Garlic Soup Recipe (70 Calories)

I hope you find my post interesting, the point I was trying to make is that although the idea of fasting was fascinating, it really is JUST a label attached to something that I suspect that LOTS of us already do on a regular basis, and for me, it has rejuvenated my interest in having MORE regular Low Calorie “Soup and Fruit” days as I have always called them
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