5 2 diet meal ideas uk recipes

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5:2 Diet, Fast Days & Feast Days and Roast Tomato & Garlic Soup Recipe (70 Calories)

basically, on the “points” diet that I have always followed, (and I think that the Pro Points diet may be the same) if you KNOW you have a day coming up where you are going out for a meal or you will be eating MORE than your daily recommended daily points allowance, you can “save” some of your points up from days where you go BELOW your daily allowance, BUT only over the period of ONE WEEK = Fast days then
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Top 10 Healthy Rainbow Food Ideas

Eating a variety of colours of foods is really important because you find different nutrients in different coloured foods, so eating a diet with a great balance of different colours can help your body to get everything that it needs to keep you as healthy as possible
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Weekend Reading: Teaching Kids To Enjoy Foods, Insects as Superfoods and 5-Minute Vegan Meals

I strive to make meals at home a regular event where we eat together and socialise. New Scientist published a very interesting article based on a study from the University of Oxford showing that “going vegetarian halves CO2 emissions from your food“. So yes a low meat diet seems to benefit the environment as the study shows that “if someone eating more than 100 grams of meat a day simply cut down to less than 50 grams a day, their food-related emissions would fall by a third. That would save almost a tonne of CO2 each year, about as much as an economy return flight between London and New York“. For quick vegan dinner options you might want to bookmark this feature in One Green Planet of “10 Fabulous 5-Minute Vegan Meals“. Eating insects might not be everyone cup of tea, but with over 2 billion people worldwide already feasting on them and Western restaurants now putting them on the menu it is certainly becoming more popular. 50 grams
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Chris Shelmerdine on his training routine and bodybuilding diet

I competed at local and national level in various athletic events mainly 100 metres / 200 metres. 2. Nothing need be over complicated for the sake of it, when I first started training, I trained 3/4 times week, separate muscle groups, usually 3 or 4 exercises, 3 or 4 sets and relatively high reps of around 15. Hurdles… I think pretty much 95% of everyone has a tough time achieving anything they strive for, it would be pretty blind to think I’m the only one who can have a hard time sometimes. 5. I love my food so during off season, I don’t pig out, in fact I eat many of the same foods during my prep but if I want to go out for a meal, or eat my 4th bowl of oats for the day, then I will do it. Top 5 supplements included in your bodybuilding diet
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