Amaretto ice cream uk recipes

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Pumpkin Pear & Amaretto Trifle

Put the rest of the whipped cream aside to top the trifles withPlace a small amount of Amaretto liqueur in a bowl and dip the Amaretti briefly in the alcohol before placing into the glass or bowl of your choiceAdd enough Amaretti to cover the base of the glasses or bowls you are serving the trifle in
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Foodie picks (Oct 9)

They pack a serious amaretto kick and are gorgeous in ice cream. I don’t typically feature the same product more than once in Foodie Picks, but although I’ve shared my love of Elizabeth Shaw flutes before, these Milk Chocolate Amaretto Flutes are good enough to deserve a special mention
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Tinginys - The Chocolate Salami

It seems most nations across Europe have their own take on it, the Portuguese like to add a splash port wine, the Italians for for a bit of amaretto or rum, in the UK we like to use golder syrup to bind everything together, and in Lithuania a dash of cognac would go down a treat
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