Apple cake delia recipes

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Apple & Almond Bake

As with a sponge cake, it pays to go slowly here to stop the mixture curdling. Well, I like to go completely crazy and use ground almonds too, as well as oats, and although I always start off with Delia's proportions, I usually reduce down the sugar especially if I've added sugar to the fruit - which I did on Sunday in fact as I was using up the last of the bullace plums with some more of the apples
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Whisk Birthday Gift with Free Printable

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Chocolate Chip Hot Cross Buns

I am not sure, whether it's because I was looking for a new recipe to try this Easter and paid closer attention, or their popularity is really increasing - they are simply everywhere, every magazine, book, supermarket, bakery - in all shape and sizes with but so many taste varieties - traditional with raisins, then toffee, orange, cranberry, apple, coffee, cinnamon, the list goes on
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