Apple sponge recipes

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Heart warming comforting old fashioned hedgerow blackberry and apple steamed pudding, from the first sumptuous mouthful you are transported back to those comforting memories of warmth and love, for me it is my nan and grandads, the quietness of the house, the ticking of the kitchen clock and the excitement of going out to pick blackberries for pudding and jam, then helping or hindering to make the jam and pudding for tea that night, the anticipation was worth every mouthful
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Apple Crumble Cake

Crumble ~ covers both sponges. My favourite dessert is apple crumble. Crumble ~ covers both sponges. I had some apples which none of my brood wanted to eat (as they were on the bruised side) so, as I've made crumble loads already, I decided to see if I could turn it into a cake
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Apple & Almond Bake

As with a sponge cake, it pays to go slowly here to stop the mixture curdling. Well, I like to go completely crazy and use ground almonds too, as well as oats, and although I always start off with Delia's proportions, I usually reduce down the sugar especially if I've added sugar to the fruit - which I did on Sunday in fact as I was using up the last of the bullace plums with some more of the apples
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