Asda carrot cake recipes

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Christmas is coming…

I have been known to buy ready-mixed mulled wine (the Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Ginger Mulled wine from Asda is pretty good), but there is something lovely about mixing up your own fruits and spices and adding generous amounts of alcohol according to your own personal taste
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What Gluten Free Christmas Products are Sainsbury’s selling this year?

Asda. What Gluten Free Christmas Products are Asda selling this year. 5) Gluten Free Iced Fruit Cake Slices. 9) Gluten Free Chocolate Muffin Cake. 10) Gluten Free Iced Christmas Cake. Gluten Free Carrot Cake with Dairy Free Cream Cheese Frosting - January 9, 2016 Bagel Nash is your ticket to Gluten Free Bagels - January 1, 2016 The Best Gluten Free Crackers for Your Cheeseboard
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Top 5 Easy Easter Activities

Sweetie Filled Carrots. Easter Cakes. These easy to make sweetie filled carrots are the perfect addition to an Easter party or just as something different to put sweets in for your children on Easter morning
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Grocery Shop

I can't see us using all these carrots but some will definitely get used for the roast. Birds Eye Fish Cakes £1 -I don't think we've had these before but we've had similar so I'm sure they'll be okay and they're quick and easy for tea one night. 90 - These are more for George as apples are probably his favourite fruit so hopefully he will eat them as these were actually more expensive here than asda unlike the other fruit we bought. Carrots £0. Breadcakes 2 for £1 - We are already half way through one of these packs as we had some for dinner and they are so nice
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