Best palak paneer recipes

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Paneer in tomato sauce (GF, V)

Paneer is a type of fresh cheese, and the most common type of cheese used in Nepal, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh, alternatively called chhana, a versatile vegetarian, protein rich ingredient that can be used both savoury (cooked in butter masala, made with spinach called Palak paneer, made with peas called Mattar paneer, placed on skewers and roasted) and sweet (rasgulla, rasmalai)
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Indian Winter Vegetable Pulao / Pilaf

I think this is best dish to celebrate Winter. Usually summer and monsoon vegetables are used in making sabji or curry but Indian winter vegetables can be used in everything, use carrots to make Sabji, Halwa or pickle, make palak paneer or palak puri, use methi for sabji, daal or paratha , Use fresh peas and beans to prepare sabji, make Kachoris or simply make delicious rice dishes
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