Black pudding and chorizo starter recipes recipes

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Spanish Tapas

At a big food fiesta I had sliced Iberico pork simply fried and served with lemon, and was very excited to be introduced to the local black pudding which was incredibly rich compare to its British cousin and had a much welcome kick of chilli heat which crept in as you chewed away
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Mexican month on The Spice Trail

Perhaps they’re really a little two healthy for a pudding, filled with oats, nuts and dried fruit as well as some of Gran Luchito’s excellent smoked chilli honey, and possibly more appropriate for breakfast, but I know I could happily tuck into one of these any time of the day
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Kavey’s 2016 Cookbook Collection

But others are ideas we’ve not tried before – Spanish Chicken with Morcilla and Sherry, Vietnamese Lemongrass and Chilli Chicken, Bourbon and Marmalade-glazed Drumsticks, Chicken with Shaoxing Wine, Crisp Radishes and Pickled Ginger, Tagine of Chicken, Caramelised Onion and Pears, Chicken Legs in Pinot Noir with Sour Cherries and Parsnip Purée, Roast chicken stuffed with black pudding and apple and mustard sauce, Ginger beer can chicken, Chicken Pot-Roasted in Milk, Bay and Nutmeg, Pot-Roast Chicken with Figs
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