Boiled fruit cake recipe uk recipes

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How to write a menu plan for a month.

Lunch is often leftovers from the night before, or a boiled egg in a sandwich or salad. ) and that's for all our food, fresh fruit and veg which we buy weekly, a big meat shop once a month, a big shop once every few months for tea and coffee, a big shop every few months for cleaning products and dishwasher tablets (we buy in bulk from Trago) and a big shop once every few months for tinned, dry goods, UHT milk, pet food and toiletries
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Singapore swing

Exotic and colourful looking vegetables and fruits caught my eye at every stall, fish and crustaceans I had never seen were boxed on ice and been sold at rapid speeds and the smells of spices and foods that shouted ‘you are in the far East’ distracted me at every turn
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Lunch Boxes …. the dreaded pack up

Other stuff – depending on if you like it, carrot sticks, feta , hummous, olives, hard boiled egg cut in fun shapes- real cheese cut in squares to triangles – be imaginative (not those flipping imitation rubbish) and how about home made potato crisps – great fun to make and the kids can pack them in bags etc
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