Boli recipes

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street vendors pass by all day with their wooden push carts shouting out what's on offer- selling anything from fruit & veg, 'tinto' (tiny shots of sweet coffee), fresh fish or 'bolis' (homemade frozen popsicles in small plastic bags)
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Lamb Suya and Ladies Picnic

Halogen ovens make the best Boli. Try it today and up your Boli game. Gosh, I love what I do. The Bible says the gift of a man maketh a way for him and in my case, though the financial rewards and recognition haven’t come in yet, I am still very grateful for the immeasurable gift of the good people I have met through what I do
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That’s Boli and Epa gone la creme. Hello people, how’s your week going. mine is going great even though i have been extremely busy, it’s been for a good cause
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Rolled Plantain

Rolled plantain with efo riro and Bolip. For the grilled plantain stuffed with groundnut I call this ‘bolip’ (boli+peanut)
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