Brie baker recipes

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Brie + Bacon Sliders : RECIPE

Brie + bacon sliders are great for feeding a crowd. They’re sturdy and substantial enough to handle both the burger & fillings without falling apart, provided you toast them slightly before piling the filling inside, after all, you don’t want a brie and bacon slider that’s already starting to fall apart when you’re taking your first bite
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Light Brie and Cranberry Cups

For the Brie and Cranberry cups. Dollop a scant spoonful of cranberry sauce on each little brie cup. Light Brie and Cranberry Cups PrintPrep time 10 minsCook time 7 minsTotal time 17 mins These light vegetarian bites of brie, fresh cranberry sauce and phyllo cups are a wonderful way to entertain guests at your next dinner or holiday parties. 12Ingredients3 large sheet of phyllo pastry120gr / 4oz brie cheese, finely choppeda bunch of fresh aromatic herbs ( basil, thyme, parsley etc), I used lemon balm½ cup cranberry sauce, freshly made or store-boughtFor the fresh cranberry sauce. / 4oz brie cheese
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