Cake with coloured balls inside recipes

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Christmas Cupcakes – Bake of the Week

Sprinkle over with tiny Christmas coloured sugar balls immediately before the frosting sets. I wanted to make something a little more challenging than ordinary Christmas cupcakes so made secret hidden stars inside of them – I did start with hidden Christmas Trees but didn’t fancy a green inside to my cupcakes and didn’t like that the Christmas design wasn’t really clear enough
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Beetroot Poori| Pink Poori

I have shared many beetroot recipes in my blog in various categories from starter Beetroot cutlets, Beeting heart Deviled eggs, Beetroot Masal Vadai as a snack, Beetroot Masala Dosa, Beetroot Dosa as a breakfast, Beetroot Chocolate Cake as a dessert, ABC juice as a Health drink and Kerala Beetroot Pachadi as a side dish for rice
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Eccles Cake

In the bowl of an electric mixer with a paddle attachment cream together the butter and light brown sugar on high-speed until you have a smooth, fluffy and light coloured mixture
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