Cranks nut roast recipes

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Chestnut and Cashew Nut Roast – Vegan Christmas

Cranks brought the nut roast to the vegetarian Christmas table and it has never left mine – not for me the jumped up goat’s cheese salad, the noodles and tofu or the rice stack, I want something substantial and richly flavoured and I want to serve it up with roast veggies, gravy and bread sauce while wearing a paper hat and a tinsel scarf
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A Vegan - Vegetarian Christmas Centrepiece Raised Pie

I've been a long time fan of Cranks an I am a member of the Vegetarian Society, so you can imagine my delight when I learned that Cranks have officially been Approved by the Vegetarian Society, a UK brand as longstanding and veggie obsessed as Cranks are and to celebrate this new partnership, as well as raise awareness of vegetarianism and veganism this season, I thought I would create an old fashioned Vegetarian Raised Pie made with hot water crust pastry
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Jerk Rubbed Mahi with Yellow Pepper Pesto

The pesto combines roasted sweet yellow bell peppers and jalapenos (take all the ribs and seeds out and you are left with a nice mild pepper and roasting the jalapenos calms the heat too) with a big bunch of cilantro, pecans (or any other nut of your choosing…we just have pecans trees in our yard so they are my “go-to” nut…lol ) and parmesan cheese
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Nut Roast

Cranks had their own version of nut roast in the cranks cookery book. I had a couple of vegetarian friends and the vegetarian restaurant Cranks was gaining in popularity
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