Deconstructed prawn cocktail recipes

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Review: The Trading House

The food offer is ‘inspired by the deli, rotisserie and BBQ’ and the drinks list mines the area’s trading heritage with a selection of spiced-twist cocktails, a traditionally British G&T list and an extensive range of global craft beers presented in a rather natty booklet
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REVIEW: The Liquorist, Leeds

The cocktail sauce represented a step above a simple prawn cocktail, although seeing all the elements of one on a plate did bring to mind the word that causes the Masterchef judges to cringe – ‘deconstructed
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Fine dining at Restaurant 92 in Harrogate

The fish itself was moist and full of flavour, and the batter (essentially presented as ‘scraps’ would be at your local chippie) and the deconstructed tartar sauce combined magnificently to elevate a simple dish to a fine dining level
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