Dime bar cake recipes

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More Fridge Cake - Cadbury Oreo & Daim

This time there was a bar with Oreo and another with Daim (why is it no longer Dime. Rather than eating the bars in one fell swoop I decided that I would make yet more fridge cake as I didn't allow anyone to eat the one I made for the swim club bake sale so made another, which turned out to be very popular
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Restaurant Review - The Ship, Redbridge, Hampshire

The Ship’s Wreck sounded good, with meringue, white chocolate buttons, ice cream, raspberries, raspberry sauce and chopped nuts, but my boyfriend doesn’t eat raspberries or nuts, so instead we had The Ship’s Chocoholic – ice cream, whipping cream, marshmallows, Dime bits, chocolate fudge cake, maltesers, chocolate buttons and chocolate sauce
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