Easy microwave flapjack recipes

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Bakewell flapjack

Melt the chocolate either in the microwave or in a bowl over a pan of simmering water. I ended up with a bakewell flapjack which was substantial enough to stop the tummy rumbles but left a nasty synthetic aftertaste
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Fruity flapjacks

Traditional flapjacks are extremely easy to make and feature oats, butter and golden syrup. Combine the non-dairy spread and golden syrup in a large heat-proof bowl and heat gently (microwave or stove top) until the spread has melted
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Breakfast Fast Food

But it’s really is pretty easy to customise to whatever you fancy. It’s also pretty good for using up dried fruit from the cupboards and those oats you bought to make flapjack or blondies with and then forgot all about
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Cheats Treats

My recipe is really easy it's just chocolate, icing sugar and butter. Just melt your chocolate either over hot water or a minute in the microwave) let it cool slightly and then beat in the butter
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