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5:2 Diet, Fast Days & Feast Days and Roast Tomato & Garlic Soup Recipe (70 Calories)

Eat, Fast and Live Longer. basically, on the “points” diet that I have always followed, (and I think that the Pro Points diet may be the same) if you KNOW you have a day coming up where you are going out for a meal or you will be eating MORE than your daily recommended daily points allowance, you can “save” some of your points up from days where you go BELOW your daily allowance, BUT only over the period of ONE WEEK = Fast days then
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5:2 Fast Day Menu Planner (including full Vegetarian options and Gluten Free) - never have a boring fast day menu again!

You can watch the original documentary, 'Eat, Fast and Live Longer' by Dr. some quick and easy, some with no cooking, minimal cooking, and some that you can cook up ahead of time and freeze, or pop in the fridge the day before so it's easy to lift out and re-heat on a fast day when you're hungry
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5-2 Diet Tips

 I genuinely love their products so I was delighted to win a great hamper of goodies from them but rather despairing of things that I could eat on fast days…although you might remember my cod recipe with nduja
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So, while one lot was fasting, the other was busy slaughtering animals to eat. Some take the time to use yeast as the leavening agent, some are greedy and in a hurry to start eating
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