Elderberry gin recipes

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It’s Gin O’Clock – Review

When they sent us their gin box, It’s Gin O’Clock, it certainly wasn’t a disappointment. WE LOVE GIN. We loved their gin ‘trivia and smartass corner” information, in particular the section on what makes a good martini, according to most people, gin, vermouth, ice and an olive
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Full List of Northern Ireland Great Taste Award Winners 2014

This year’s awards also included the first-ever judging session to be held in Belfast. Fairtrade Rainforest Alliance Certified Breakfast Tea Stewarts craft butchery & deli Two Spires Brisket Deli Muru Brinjal pickle Granny Braid's Fudge Mauds Ice Creams Poor Bear's Delight Ice Cream Mauds Ice Creams Choccy Bear Ice Cream Mauds Ice Creams Coffee Ice Cream Hughes Craft Distillery Ltd RubyBlue Blackcurrant Liqueur Hovis limited Belfast Farmhouse Brown soda bread Hovis Limited Belfast Square brown soda with wheatgerm White's Toat'ly Oaty Wild Fruit White's Toat'ly Oaty Original White's Jumbo Oats Caddy White's Organic Jumbo Oats White's Oat Bran - Medium Cut White's Irish Oatmeal Old Fashioned Oats White's Toasted Oats Apple & Cinnamon Crunch East Coast Seafoods Oak Smoked Skinless Coley Fillet Glastry Farm Glastry Farm Vanilla Bean Glastry Farm Glastry Farm Coconut Ice-Cream Glastry Farm Glastry Farm Yellowman Honeycomb Cavanagh Free Range Eggs Ltd Free range eggs Tamnagh Foods Maple Nut & Fruit Granola Mckees Farm Shop Mckees Oven Roasted Sunblushed Tomato and Cheese Focaccia Mckees Farm Shop Mckees Cinnamon Scone Rich Sauces Alfee's Real Mayo Mckees Farm Shop Mckees Roasted Mix Nut Roast Mckees Farm Shop Mckees Extra Dry aged Ribeye Steak Angus Farm Shop, Greyabbey
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hedgerow foraging

Back in the kitchen the first thing made was a small batch of Elderberry Syrup with a spoonful of Hedgerow Gin spooned into the top of the bottle for “keeping” properties as I shall only store it for a few weeks and so haven’t sterilised the filled bottle
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An inspiration to forage by Mark Williams

Elderberry and cloveroot ice cream. Five inspiring hours saw me eating my way through leaves from the lime tree, mushroomy ribwort plantain, purslane and reed mace, all washed down with elderflower fizz, gin and meadowsweet tonic and wild whisky sours
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Guelder Rose Berries: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Having had an excellent hedgerow harvest this year, and bolstered by my success making pies, jams and even gin from excellent elderberries to beautiful brambles, and super sloes, I got really excited when someone tweeted that the magnificent berries could be make into a piquant jelly, sometimes used as a replacement to cranberry jelly
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