English 2 day fast diet recipes

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Stilton, the English blue cheese, crumbles easily for whisking into white sauces or dressings. I always makes a batch of this up along with my soup recipe in readiness for my two low-calorie fast days, as it’s all prepared and ready to snack on, as well as making a GREAT fruity kick-start breakfast for the start of the day
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Winter Snack Recipe: Ploughman’s Rarebit – Cheese and Chutney on Toast with Pickles

 I would have added some English mustard to my bread before buttering it, but the apple and onion chutney was so fruity and delectable that I decided to opt out of that particular tasting “tick box” – however, if you omit the chutney, then give your rarebit a leg up with a goodly smear of English mustard before adding the cheese, its brilliant and works wonderfully with the pickled onions
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