Fat free flapjack recipes

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Baby flapjacks

As a follow on from my baby breakfast muffins, which are sugar free and very low in fat, these flapjacks are also baby friendly in that unlike traditional flapjacks which are full of butter and syrup, these are bound by banana and coconut oil and stuffed full of glorious seeds and dried fruit instead of things that will make your kids hyper and unhealthy
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Trek Protein Flapjacks

The carbs really give you a good refueling, but the protein means that the carbs digest much slower, so instead of it being a case of 'use this energy immediately or I'll store it as fat instead', the energy is released at a slower and more steady pace which gives your body a good chance to use the energy rather than storing it awa
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Homemade custard

If you simply use egg yolks you get quite a light tasting custard, perfect for tarts and patisserie but, in my opinion, not heavy enough to match a warming apple crumble (or apple crumble flapjack)
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