Giggle cake recipes

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Kiwi Rice Cake Turtle

Rice cakes are always a good snack to have on hand for toddlers but by adding grapes and a slice of kiwi fruit you can make a really cute turtle snack that will hopefully get you a little giggle
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Return to Le Manoir – An Evening with Raymond Blanc

The fabulous Becky from English Mum and I paired up, and amidst a fit of giggles and clouds of cocoa powder we managed to pull off two pretty damn good Chocolate Reverse Crumbles, if we do say so ourselves… helped a little along the way by Monsieur Blanc, who might have come to our rescue with a laugh, a smile and a cocoa powdered hand on the back of a pure white Chefs jacket
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And you turned 4!

This year we cut more than one cake, one at your grandparents’ home and one at our new home. May be that’s the reason you demanded for another cake this week thinking it’s your birthday again
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