Greek lamb slow cooker recipes

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Moroccan Slow Cooked Lamb

I’m loving experimenting with flavours at the moment as well as getting loads of use out of our slow cooker so a few weekends ago I shoved this shoulder of lamb in the slow cooker after a night of soaking up a Moroccan Style Rub and left it to do its business whilst I went over to Shropshire to visit a friend at her new house
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Return of the slow-cooker

 This is the Greek version of the same dish. I based the whole dish on a variation of Machoui which is a North African recipe for whole slow-cooked lamb, originally sealed in a fire pit which would have effectively created the same environment as the slow-cooker in gently steaming the meat, which what results in it being so succulent  You could equally successfully adapt it for Kleftiko, which means "stolen meat"
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