Haggis balls recipes

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Haggis Chicken Croquettes with Clapshot

Haggis and chicken croquette on clapshot bed with peas. While many will favour the established way of serving haggis with some boiled - perhaps mashed - tatties (potatoes) and neeps (Swede turnip/rutabaga), others will be like me and be looking for something just that little bit different this year without losing touch altogether with the tradition of the occasion
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Ma Broon’s Burns Night Tribute Supper! A Guide to the Great Scottish Feast with Recipes

Haggis, Skirlie Mash and Bashed Tatties and Tatties. Address To A Haggis. Even if a haggis cannot be procured for the special evening, any seasonal Scottish food can be enjoyed, as long as a “wee dram” of whisky and maybe some songs accompany it, along with rousing music and poetry recitals from the Bard himself
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In the country’s heartland, the predominant Tekke people prepare a kind of haggis (garyn) by stuffing sheep stomachs with minced meat and fat
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Khubla Khans – Glasgow

Slightly scared at the thought of kangaroo haggis, and asian fish balls, I was tempted to go for the vegetable spring rolls like a big boring blouse, but I decided to be brave and try something outside my comfort zone, so I ordered wild boar dumplings, and Stewart ordered zebra skewers
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