Homemade walnut whip recipes

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10 Minute Cheat’s Mini Ginger and Lemon Trifle

Custard Tart with homemade Flan Pastry and Custard. crushed nuts – pistachios, walnuts. Theoretically, this is the time to spend some time in your kitchen whipping up some stupendous culinary concoction to astound your kinfolk
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Halal Tiramisu (alcohol free)

Then Mary Berry & ”the male judge” showing us how it should be done in their masterclass I was certain this was for us (minus the alcohol of course), you see my husband and I (and possibly the kids sneak a small slice which is why I don’t make it so often) like coffee and walnut cake but he’s the main espresso drinker, I’m more inclined towards the beverage when i’ve had a ‘bad’ day
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