How to cook a turkey crown recipes

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Turkey, Pecan and Cranberry Strudel

Its usually a very lean meat, and whilst most people go for the white breast meat I am much more fond of the slightly gamier tasting brown meat, usually the thighs or legs and chances are you might have that in particular leftover, though this dish would work well with either so don't worry too much if its only a small joint like a crown you have leftovers from
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A Small Christmas Dinner: Bacon Wrapped Turkey Breast and Sausage Stuffing Loaf

As well as this rather sad figure of solo diners, a recent report also indicated that there will be a higher number of couples spending Christmas alone, away from their immediate family as children move away from home (usually due to employment) and small communities are eroded – it’s all rather sad and another gloomy reflection of just how much society has changed over the last twenty to thirty years
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Easter menu

If you are interested in how to cook it, have a look at my old post Saffron turkey. However full you are, there is always space for a bite of cheese, isn't there
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