How to make ferrero rocher ice cream recipes

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Kinder Bueno Cupcakes

These are so easy to make even children could do them. I think they tend to be aimed more at children - I remember seeing them a lot when I lived in Germany, and I always thought Kinder was German but actually it is owned by the Italian company Ferrero (as in, Rocher)
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Esterhazy Torte (Hazelnut & Chocolate Layer Cake)

There are quite a few steps involved to make this cake but it can be prepared over two days if you prefer (I did it all in one go because maybe I’m a masochist…), you can toast the nuts (don’t skip this step, it really brings out the flavour), make the praline and creme patisserie and bake the dacquoise one day and then assemble and ice it the next (you can skip the icing and chocolate decoration on the top completely if you wish, and simply spread some of the creme patisserie over the top as well as the sides of the cake – the icing is mainly for decorative purposes and I didn’t feel that it added anything flavorwise to the cake
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