How to make meringue with artificial sweetener recipes

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NUTRITION - Sugar - Saint or Sinner?...

It doesn't fit my own nutritional ethos, But that's YOUR decision to make, if you have ever looked into artificial sweeteners there's so much conflicting and inconclusive evidence out there it's hard to make an informed decision, at present we only know for sure that in large quantities it has been shown to be harmful to human health, but one question that always pops up in my head is, "is it really likely that any manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies or governments are really going to put there hands up and say yeah, we know the effects and we know we're slowly poisoning you death with artificial sweeteners" it may sound slightly paranoid but think back to the tobacco or thalidomide scandals both were deemed safe by those who are supposed to be in the know and covered up by those who allegedly have our best interests at heart
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