How to make red cabbage like the kebab shop recipes

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Recipe: Naan Bread . . . . . and Turkey Kebab

I did an experiment to see how much dough was required to fit my pan. Here's how from home. Watch the bubbles form on the surface, it will start to look irresistible - still needs browning on top - check the underside to make sure it's golden, then pop it under the grill, after putting a fork through the large bubbles - this will stop your naan ballooning under the grill and catching fire
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Soft Greek Flatbread and Tzatziki

I finally ended up chatting to the guy who runs a local Kebab Shop (in the park as our kids were on the swings) and he told me how they make it back home …… and I finally found out the secret ingredient that makes it “fizzy” like Greek Tzatziki rather than mellow like and Indian Raitha …………… vinegar
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