Indian mussels recipes

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Marvelous Mussel Risotto

Then I toyed with using more Indian spices and perhaps a dollop of yogurt. I picked up some mussels which are in season right now and therefore incredibly affordable, and I was deliberating how best to use them when my mind wandered off to Ottolenghi, as is often the way these days, and I was inspired by one of the recipes from Jerusalem
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Lunch at Assado, Waterloo

The prawns, mussels and palourde clams were marinated in tangy tomato, olive oil and chilli, which was exquisite but I didn't like the choice of serving it with white bread, I would have preferred an Indian bread like roti or naan
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norse, harrogate.

Although I love all kinds of raw Japanese sashimi, Italian calamari and French mussels, the idea of eel is new to me and I was concerned I might not like the texture
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Family Meal at Kitchin N1 Restaurant

I really liked the seafood dish with squid, prawns and mussels, yum. Kitchin N1 Restaurant in LondonIt has several different stations, where you will find delicious dishes from cuisines all over the world, such as Chinese, Thailand, Italian and Indian. Kitchin N1 is open for lunch and dinner, and on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, you will find a selection of seafood dishes, including prawns and mussels. Indian dishes at Kitchin N1Hubby also tried the Indian station with pilau rice, chicken korma, chicken jalfrezi, rogan josh, tadka dal, popodoms and mango chutney
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