James martin trifle recipes

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Cherry trifle

Cherry trifle

Put the remaining whipped cream in a piping bag and pipe swirls onto the top of the trifle. When cool decorate the trifle with them
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Sherry trifle with raspberries

1. Spread the jam over the sponge cake slices. Place in the bottom of a large glass serving dish or divide evenly between six tall glasses
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White chocolate and raspberry trifle

1. Put a 55g piece of the white chocolate in the fridge, to make it easier to grate later. Break the remainder of white chocolate into small pieces
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Raspberry and white chocolate sherry trifle

600 ml milk. 1 vanilla pods, split. 6 eggs, yolks. 50 g caster sugar. 25 g cornflour. 300 g white chocolate. 70 g raspberry jam