Jamie oliver smoked salmon starter recipes

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Jamie Oliver’s Fish Pie

Cut the salmon and smoked haddock into bite-size chunks and add to the tray with the prawns. This blog will never make me famous but it’s a hobby and hobbies are important to keep up and invest in – if anything it’s a conversation starter and something to stick on the ‘Interests’ part of the CV
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Cheatin’ Christmas… Don’t panic!

My own personal tips range from always having really one great home-made vegetable dish that you can turn out at the drop of the hat (try Sticky Caramelised Glazed Carrots by Jamie Oliver, which has popped up on my Instagram feed this morning) which you can do backwards, forward and sideways however many festive glasses of fizz you’ve had
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Lucy’s favorite dishes from 2013

Has Jamie Oliver got it right. This was a difficult decision to make as there were some lovely salads and soups which we posted this year but I’ve decided my favorite has to be smoked salmon pâté which was posted way back in January
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