Kinder cake recipes

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Queen Cakes / Blueberry Muffins

they seem to be simple cupcakes baked with currants. The recipe for the Queen Cakes does not involve any icing or decoration and as I decided to take these to a volunteering day I was doing with colleagues, I thought that would work well- I needed something that I could transport in a box in my rucksack that wouldn't be too messy
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Blueberry Cake

A belated Happy Father’s Day to my father, to whom this cake was given (albeit a few days late). The cake was delicious, dense but moist, and most excitingly it was ring-shaped, because this was the first time I have ever used a bundt tin (many thanks again to Seb who has gifted me many a baking thing – especially as I never would’ve bought a bundt tin myself)
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