Low-fat carrot cake recipes

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Carrot Cake Cupcakes

So whats better than to make cupcakes, carrot cupcakes. The only step that might slow you down is grating the carrots but I decided to grate them in the food processor
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Thrifty & Organic Meal Planner: Persian Lamb, Aromatic Cauliflower & Chocolate Truffle Cake Recipes

A delectable low-fat recipe that turns the humble cauliflower into an exotic flower. Last month saw me making the most of several seasonal core ingredients such as organic chicken, carrots and rhubarb, and in March’s meal planner, I will be providing several recipes, as well as leftover ideas, for organic lamb, cauliflower, lemons, chocolate, eggs and leeks, with the emphasis on Mothering Sunday, which is just a week away
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