Mary berry custard slice recipes

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Mary Berry Cooks... Rich Chocolate Traybake with swirly icing

I'm not a huge fan of Mary Berry, and my views on the whole GBBO caravan have already been documented - I wouldn't know exactly what happened in recent episodes, because I'm not watching the latest series, but I'd just like to say that the suggestion of 'naughty editing' by the BBC to make more out of the Baked Alaska issue than was there, painting a darker picture of the actions of one of the contestants, only goes to convince me that I'm right, and this show is not really much better than Jeremy Kyle
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Raspberry Trifle

Yes, I made the madeira cake, and yes, you make the custard - you could buy both, even Mary Berry in the original recipe countenances the possibility - but actually, I'm finding less and less time to tinker in the kitchen, and this was a welcome excuse to shut myself away, fiddle about, make a mess and create something lovely
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Halal Tiramisu (alcohol free)

Then Mary Berry & ''the male judge'' showing us how it should be done in their masterclass I was certain this was for us (minus the alcohol of course), you see my husband and I (and possibly the kids sneak a small slice which is why I don't make it so often) like coffee and walnut cake but he's the main espresso drinker, I'm more inclined towards the beverage when i've had a 'bad' day
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