Onion chutney recipes

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Onion bhajis with date chutney

The post Onion bhajis with date chutney appeared first on Lazy Cat Kitchen. I know that I often go on about my dislike for deep-frying things and always try to come up with an alternative cooking method so presenting you with a plate of fried onion bhajis may seem a bit out of character
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onion bhaji

These bhajis are at their best served hot with a good, spicy relish or chutney. Let’s move on to the recipe, which uses Yellow Shenshu onions, a Japanese variety which I grew this year for the first time on my allotment plot, the Circus Garden
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Pumpkin Chutney

The first recipe for you is a delicious pumpkin chutney. This is a twist on the classic mango chutney and would be great served as a dip at a party or to dip your poppadoms in if you're planning a Halloween curry night
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