Onion rings jamie oliver recipes

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Broccoli & Tomato Quiche

Whisk together the egg, milk, onion, salt and pepper. When I visited my grandparents as a child there was always an abundance of home cooked food but for some reason the savoury offerings have vanished from my memory (apart from the huge roast turkey dinners at Christmas)
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Bake overload…

Rising to the #MultifryChallenge we then went to make Toad In The Hole (delicious, with the caramelized onions making a ton of difference), although I must emphasise that it’s vital to beat the batter properly and not skimp on that bit
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Friday Foodie: In My Bowl

¼ cup picked or raw red onion. I am truly Jamie Oliver’s biggest fan. Jamie is currently heading a revolution for better school lunches and food education programs across the world to assist in the obesity epidemic, a cause I care very deeply about
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