Parkin recipes

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A spicy seasonal bake, the parkin is flavoured with ginger, black treacle, and golden syrup. The parkin is a traditional British cake, often served during the winter months and in particular on Bonfire night
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The Finest Yorkshire Parkin Recipe Ever!

Yorkshire Parkin Recipe. You’l remember that a few weeks ago we told you that Green & Black’s Organic has teamed up with our very own local food champ and creative force behind the Yorkshire Pudd blog, Christopher Blackburn, to create a bespoke Yorkshire Parkin, using Green & Black’s chocolate to put a new twist on the historic recipe
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Gunpowder, Treason and Parkin

Parkin is the first thing that sprung to mind, because I looked into it a lot last year whilst planning my Bonfire Night content and never got around to actually making the stuff (opting instead for Gingerbread Fireworks and this badass sandwich)
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