Paul hollywood pizza recipes

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Review: Kids bowling party at Hollywood Bowl

Burger, Pizza, Hotdog and Nuggets which were all served with fries. The teenagers moaned they were still hungry and there wasn't enough food but they were quickly reminded that this was a kids party and therefore the meals are geared towards younger ages than themselves - of course teenagers want more to eat which is why Hollywood bowl have teens parties available where the meal is an adults meal option
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Birthday tea party | Thank fork it's Friday

Make the recipe as Paul Hollywood says, because it tastes nice and some things don't need changing. Georgie made me some red velvet cupcakes, the mums bought between them - 8 bags of big sharer crisps, 5 platters of sandwiches, three quiches, 3 plates of sausages rolls, boxes of chocolates, Auntie Bee made my birthday cake (more on that in a moment) and there was also pizza, pasta, chicken wings and the usual buffet fodder
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Filo pastry pizza pie.

I also made some scones, I used Paul Hollywoods recipe again because I love the method and texture. While I was assembling the top of my chicken filo pie the other day and wondering what else I could make with the rest of the pastry  I had a flash of inspiration and just knew that prosciutto would layer perfectly with it, whenever I think of something completely new to make  I have a quick google image to see if it’s been done before, and as an aside, this is what I got when I imaged googled filo pizza, lol
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