Paul hollywood victoria sponge recipes

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L to R - Paul Hollywood, Delia Smith, Mary Berry. There are many categories in this years show, from the classic Victoria Sponge to the more avant-garde Celebration Cake and as you know i've had my hits and my misses in the past but there's one category that stands out amongst all others as the challenge to really separate the housewife from the food blogger and that, my good friends, is the humble scone
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Anyway after all my annoyance about the ingredients, I made the flaounas tonight and forgave Paul Hollywood, as I thought these were delicious, if admittedly pretty ugly
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Marshmallow Rescue Me Fridge Cake

I could hear Paul Hollywood saying to me " I can't wait to get my mouth around your moist sponge". Before this sounds very much like the "Bakes of Grey" the erotic cake novel that never was, I will let you know how you can create your own fridge cake be it from shop brought ones or fairy cakes that have been sat on or Victoria Sponge with as much lift as a wonder bra in your 40's
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