Paul hollywood wholemeal loaf recipes

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This weekend I sat down and flicked through a few Paul Hollywood books for inspiration and, after considering making a basic white or wholemeal loaf to use for sandwiches, I eventually chose to make a focaccia as its something I've not done before
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Walnut and Fig Loaf

The recipe has long since disappeared from the Masterchef website so the recipe below constitutes my notes made from the telly, a little poetic license and a few tips filched from Dom at Belleau Kitchen (who in turn pilfered them from Paul Hollywood
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Spicing it up a little - Filone All'Arrabbiata, or Spicy Loaf with Chilli and Paprika

I am a total novice when it comes to bread making and when I was watching The Great British Bake Off' recently when it was bread week, I was in awe of some of the gorgeous looking breads that were made, and it got me wondering whether I could somehow produce something that resembled bread, firstly, and then something that would not be written off by Paul Hollywood as either not a 'good bake' or maybe even 'overproved' or whatever other pitfalls that can befall the home cook who fancies giving bread making a whirl instead of resorting to the saviour of sandwich makers everywhere, Warbutons (at least that's what it is in our house
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