Pizza express dough recipes

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Lighter options over the festive season at Pizza Express (review)

So on to the mains we moved, shifting our halos back into place by opting for Leggera pizzas. If you’re trying to control your calorie intake Pizza Express have a special menu for the season which could mean you enjoy two courses for 378 calories or three whole courses for 590 calories. For a low cal starter, you could opt for the Leggera Gambaretti Piccante GF without Dough Sticks (210 calories – £5. 75, PizzaExpress’ Leggera pizzas have been created so that you can have your usual favourite Pizza Express flavours, but with fewer calories and fat as each pizza is made from a ring of dough, and the centre filled with fresh salad, and optionally dressed with PizzaExpress’ light House Dressing. If you’re watching the pennies as well as the calories, Pizza Express currently offer several of the options described above as part of a two course lunch menu for £14
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Pizza Buzz, Wisdom Street

The Folly, BankPizza Express, Welwyn Garden CityMUGA, PiccadillyAutumn Treats with Prezzo . The dough is actually made from a unique flour created by Pizza Buzz themselves (both Sofie and I got a bag to take home with us – although I can’t guarantee my version will be anything like theirs) and it’s prodominently spelt based, which gives it more wholesome, doughy flavour
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Syn Free Mexican Chipotle Meatball Pizza | Slimming World

dominoes, papa johns, pizza, pizza express, pizza hut, slimming world, syn free. When you're ready, snip a corner off the bag and drizzle over pizzaPizza AssemblyAfter you have rolled out your dough, place a small amount of tomato sauce & spread it aroundStart with your Mexican Meatballs - as little or as many as you likeNext your peppers and onionsNext your cheese - make sure to distribute it evenly
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