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13 Easy Family Dinners

I've used turkey mince because it's light, but you could also use pork or beef. This gnocchi bake takes a little more prep than some of the other recipes here, but you just fry off the mince, add the sauce, pour it over the gnocchi dropping the cheese all over and then slide into the oven to bake
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This recipe is adapted from one of Jamie Oliver's recipes. As I mentioned at the beginning, you can add any vegetables you like and use any type of meat combination that you like - Jamie actually suggests using pheasant, duck, pigeon and rabbit - however I am not that adventurous
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Back to School: Leluu’s Vietnamese Cooking Class

Pho Bo – Beef Pho (Noodle soup in beef stock with sliced beef and garnishes)Sai Gon Summer Rolls – Pork, prawn, rice noodle and herb filled rice paper parcels with dipping sauceBo La Lot – Beef marinated in chili and lemongrass, rolled and baked in Betel leavesChicken, Carrot and Banana Blossom Salad – a fresh and zingy flavoured salad with shredded poached chicken and Vietnamese herbsBraised Pork Belly in Coconut and Pear Cider – an earthy, flavoursome stew with quail’s eggsBaked Sea Bass – oven baked with lemon, garlic and gingerPan Fried Tilapia with Mango and Fish Sauce – crispy skinned fish served with an invigorating dressing and mango juliennesWatercress Soup with Ginger – warming, sustaining brothy soup with tofuStir Fried Morning Glory – known as Ung Choi, stir fried with oyster sauce and garlic Banana Fritters – wonderful dessert requiring no introductionVietnamese Frozen Yoghurt – healthy and tasty alternative to ice creamOn arrival at Uyen’s flat, we were greeted by her wonderful mother, cute dogs and our engaging host
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