Quesadillas recipes

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Brunch Quesadillas

As my family had got up late that day it was too early to eat before we went out so I decided we were going to have Filipa from Gourmet Mum’s Quesadillas with cheese and mushrooms that she’d shown on Twitter a couple of days before
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Chicken Quesadilla with Refried Beans and Guacamole

1 breast from a cooked chicken(from dunnes or tesco if you dont want to cook it)                    2 large tortillas                    Cheese                    1/4 packet Taco Seasoning                    1 Avocado                    Refried beans1 full chicken will give you about 4 quesadillasYou can buy the refried beans in the supermarket and the for the guacamole just put the avocado into a bowl and crush it up with a bit of salt and pepper
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