Quiche without pastry recipes

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Mini Quiche

hmmm, Quiche, I love quiche. 1 puff sheet3 onions2 table spoon butter2 eggs200 ml cream1/2 tea spoon nutmegsalt & pepperFirst chop the onion, leek , or what ever you got to put into your quiche, traditionally in France its onion and ham
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Crustless Quiches

Last night I made some mini crustless quiches. Have you ever made crustless quiches. Well I am super excited it is Tuesday night and Wednesday is only one sleep away, this is because I am getting my tattoo finished tomorrow
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Caramelised Red Onion, Pepper and Goats Cheese Crustless Quiche / Frittata

You can either cook this in a dish in the oven, as a 'crustless quiche', or you can cook it frittata style in a pan over the hob, and finish it off under the grill (broiler) - however, if you do the latter, you'll need to remove the caramelised onions and peppers to a seperate dish and clean the pan first, then spray with oil and add the egg mix then other ingredients otherwise the caramelised balsamic vinegar remains in the pan are likely to make your frittata stick to the bottom and burn
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