Quick runner bean soup recipes

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Maryland Crab Soup

People are quick to furrow their brow disapprovingly at the thought of killing something in the kitchen before preparing it for the dinner table, as if buying pre-picked crab meat in a vacuum-sealed freezer pack is more compassionate or civilised
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Farewell to 2014

More inspiration from Japan this month in two of my recipes – Green Beans with a Tofu, Miso and Sesame Dressing (Saya Ingen Shira-ae) and Quick & Easy Yuzu Ice Cream
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In Praise of Peas

  Quicker and less fattening than Risotto, I most certainly will be using a lot more of it.   I promise that this is the last time for a while and that I will make more of an effort to embrace some other worlds but the arrival of all the beautiful summer vegetables - Asparagus nearly finished and the markets filling up with Peas and Broad Beans, Runner Beans and Spinach, just makes me think "Italian"
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