Quick stuffed marrow recipes

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16 Last-Minute Cookbook Christmas Gifts

China Study Quick & Easy Cookbook. At the beginning of the book, she talks about her childhood meals in Britain (she’s now co-owner of New York City’s Spotted Pig restaurant), and I have to say that her description of her mother’s stuffed marrow brought my own memories of my grandmother’s kitchen flooding back
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Osso Bucco (with a twist)

Using a whisk, whisk the polenta until it begins to thicken , this should take no more than five minutes with quick cook polenta, when the polenta texture is as runny and a Yorkshire pudding batter remove it from the heat because it will continue to thicken, add the butter and parmesan and continue to whisk like crazy until smooth and as thick as loose mash potato
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Summer glut

As most veggie gardeners know, the sweet dainty marrows you get at the beginning of the season have a small window that quickly closes and they suddenly turn into uncontrollable monsters overnight with little taste, just waiting to surprise you from under their leaves early in the morning
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