Rabbit and pheasant stew recipes

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Game and Root Vegetable Stew

a glorious mixture of venison, rabbit, hare, pheasant, grouse and partridge. It's hard to convince people to try it when they are absolutely determined they hate it, if you've never handled it before it can be intimidating to try and skin a rabbit and despite your best efforts sometimes you wonder why you bothered buying venison when you might as well have bought beef
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An Unexpected Game Pie

My stock was (I think) left over from a stew that was a drowning a little, so it was put in a pan to reduce down and the cubes of meat (venison, rabbit and pheasant in this particular pack) were cooked alongside a little onion and garlic, with a generous splash of red wine
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Game pie

Tip the stew into a large pie dish and leave to cool. Return all of the meat to the pan and add the prepared vegetables, herbs, juniper berries and paprika
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