Rainbow layer cake uk recipes

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The Happy Rainbow Cake!

To achieve the multi-coloured effect of the sponge in the pictures we simply cut a circle out of the middle of each cake and swapped it with another colour, we then sandwiched each layer to the next using a thin layer of frosting and when the tower was complete we covered the whole of the outside of the cake with the remaining frosting
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I can sing a rainbow…

proper flour or a gluten-free flour mix, the only fiddly bit is the colour layers. What would be more appropriate for a significant xx-something birthday other than a bright, colourful rainbow cake and sprinkles
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Cooking with kids: Easy Rainbow Layer Cake….

Put your cake together one layer at a time. First of all, I apologise for the lack of photos of the making of this cake – Miss Frugal and I made this last Friday night for Master Frugal’s birthday and we had absolutely no faith that it was going to be anything worth blogging about so we didn’t take the usual million and one photos of every stage of the process
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